Sunday, 16 September 2012

Help us find Laila!

She cleverly escaped from a kennel at Hurdville and Burnett's Road.  She may have seen Homeward Bound once or twice and got some ideas.  We hope she shows up on our stoop soon, but she has been missing since the afternoon of Sept 15th and we think she may have lost her way.

Laila is a silky terrior with a fondness for belly rubs.  She is three years old, very friendly and will take any extra chicken you have lying around.

She was sighted on Sunday morning hiding out in a sugar shack (no really) but took off when she heard people approaching. 

If she has charmed her way into your home, please let us know!

Call Artis (705-774-6854)  or Jim (705-773-8954), also try 705-389-1952.
email: and/or

Thank you for your help!

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